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LAC August Meeting
by payetteforestcoalition on 

The Land Allocation Committee will meet Wednesday, August 21st from 7 pm -9 pm at the Payette Forest Supervisors Office.

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Monitoring training opportunity
by Paul_Litow on 

More details will be in the notes but in the interest if time I thought I'd share this with you.  It comes from the discussion at today's meeting about working with the Boise Forest Coalition and citizen science (monitoring), something that the PFC has struggled with over the years.  Please check out the blurb below and vote if you are interested in participating. 

We are also planning our fall Boise Forest Coalition Field Day. As a reminder, this field day is an opportunity for members and other interested stakeholders to join our Citizen Science Monitoring Team in setting up photo monitoring plots, as well as learn about other types of monitoring for wildlife, water quality, and conditions of unauthorized routes. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Doodle Poll below with your availability by Monday, August 19th:


If you have any questions about the Field Day, please reach out to Elizabeth at or Randy Fox at

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Leadership Changes on the Payette NF
by payetteforestcoalition on 

Announcement of Leadership Changes...

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Granite Meadows field trip agenda
by Paul_Litow on 
Here is the agenda for tomorrow's field trip.  Presentation will be at Forest Supervisor's Office following the regular PFC meeting.  There will be no trip to the field.

Recreation Presentation

July 18. 2019



4:00 PM           Sandra Mitchell, Responsible Shared Use

                         Mike Schlegel-Wildlife Biologist

David Claycomb-Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

Mark Wood-Winter motorized Recreation

Steve Lacey-Summer motorized recreation

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PFC July Meeting
by payetteforestcoalition on 

The July 18th meeting agenda is available in the Library for Meeting Notes and Agendas.

Please note the references included on the agenda and the Topic Information Sheet for important background on the agenda topics.
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Alternate July 20 Granite Meadows field trip dates
by Paul_Litow on 

Hi all,

The July 20 Granite Meadows field trip date is no longer an option.  Please follow the link below and tell us what dates you could make.  Poll will close at 5:00 pm Friday, June 28.

Thank you,


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NOA: LCBC and Huckleberry
by payetteforestcoalition on 

The June 21st Federal Register included two Notices of Availability for restoration projects within the Weiser-Little Salmon Headwaters CFLRP Landscape:

EIS No. 20190133, Draft, USFS, ID, Huckleberry Landscape Restoration Project, Comment Period Ends: 08/05/2019, Contact: Ronda Bishop 208-253-0101

Amended Notice:  EIS No. 20140102, Final, USFS, ID, Lost Creek-Boulder Creek Landscape Restoration Project, Review Period Ends: 08/05/2019, Contact: Erin Phelps 208-347-0301

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Friday, June 14 Huckleberry field trip
by Paul_Litow on 
Here is the agenda for the June 14 Huckleberry field trip.  We will meet at the Forest Service District Office in Council.  Activities start at 9:00 am.

0900-0945 Whiteheaded Woodpecker (WHWO) presentation by Vicki Saab at Council District Office.

0945-1005 Travel to Shingle Flat for field presentation of WHWO recovery report.

1015-1035 Discussion of MCCM treatments contrasted with LCBC, MFWR, and proposed Huckleberry Treatments.

1035- 1150 Travel to Huckleberry

1150-1205 Stop 1. Discussion of past treatment, succession and development of the resulting stand and proposed treatment (CT-FT) in a plantation.

1205-1235 Lunch

1230-1245 Travel

1245- 1315 Stop 2 Regeneration Stand with MSw as a proposed treatment. Plantations with proposed NCT treatments at the same stop.

1315-1345 Travel

1345-1405 Stop 3 Discussion of past treatment, succession and development of the resulting stand and proposed treatment (CT-FT) in a stand regenerated without planting (Seed tree cut).

1405-1420 Travel

1420-1440 Stop 4. Discussion of decom roads/permittee coordination

1440-1600 End of Field Trip Travel Back to Council.

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PFC June Meeting Agenda
by payetteforestcoalition on 

The June 20th meeting agenda is available in the Library for Meeting Notes and Agendas.

Please note the references included on page 2.  The references provide background for the review of the Huckleberry DEIS, and a link to a Forum Discussion to post questions or comments prior to the meeting.

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Forest Supervisor Notes: May 2019
by payetteforestcoalition on 

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