PFC Member Manual


  • When I prepared for meetings in my previous role of Scribe, there were several web resources that I found helpful to bring to the meeting.  Even though all are available on the website, they were very helpful to have at the meeting in a three ring binder.
  • The materials are also appropriate for a member manual.
  • Below are the basic essentials to be included in a Member Manual (binder format).  
  • Each heading below serves as a notebook tab.
  • I would encourage this for all members, new and existing.

Meeting Notes
  •  When the draft meeting notes have been reviewed, the final notes are posted in the Meeting Notes Library.
  • At minimum, include the notes from the previous month.
  • Read the notes  prior to the meeting in order to refresh the memory on the discussions and action items.
  • Depending on the topics, notes from additional meetings are likely to be helpful references.

Business Protocols
  • The PFC is a self-organizing, self-governing collaborative.
  • The members have adopted "rules of the road" that define the organization structure and business procedures.
  • The Protocols Library archives the supporting documents.
  • The essentials recommended for inclusion in the manual are the following documents found in the Protocols Library:
    • Basic Conditions of Collaboration
    • Organizational Structure
    • Decision Process
    • Project Design Business Process
    • NEPA Business Process
    • Business Processes for Monitoring Restoration Actions

  •  A significant source of funding for the landscape restoration projects is the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program.
  • Essential documents for reference at a meeting are found in the CFLRP Library:
    • Omnibus Public Lands Management Act - in particular,  the Purpose section (Congressional intent of the act)
    • 2011 Proposal: WLSH Landscape.  The project proposal submitted by the Payette National Forest with PFC support.
    • Cumulative Accomplishments: FY12-FY15

  • The current list of voting members is available here.
  • Voting members commit to the Basic Conditions of Collaboration.
  • Both the list of voting members and the BCCs are essential references for the meetings, particularly when the agenda includes voting.

  • The individual landscape projects within the CFLRP Landscape are in various phases/stages of development and implementation.
  • Depending on the meeting agenda, the project related references will vary.
  • Each project has a document library.  
  • The documents are accessed from the Navigation menu labeled Project Libraries, located at the top of each web page.  
  • Bring the appropriate documents to support the specific agenda for the meeting.
  • Essential: PFC Strategy, Mission, Goals Statement.  Most recent copy is found here.

  •  New members may benefit from a few hints on navigating the website in order to retrieve the documents referenced above.
  • This orientation video introduces the resources and tools available.