PFC Voting Members and the Basic Conditions of Collaboration


The Payette Forest Coalition voting members commit to a code of conduct.  The terms are documented in the Basic Conditions of Collaboration (BCC).     Members who sign the BCC have voting privileges on PFC consensus decisions. The BCC document is posted in the Protocols Library.

Here is the External link opens in new tab or windowcurrent list of BCC signatories.

The PFC Member Manual references key resources that document the organizational structure of the PFC, protocols (decision process, business procedures), and meeting notes. 

Note: PFC meetings are open to the public, as is the External link opens in new tab or windowCommunity Discusison Forum.  The PFC supports both venues for interested parties to share ideas and priorities for landscape scale restoration on the Payette National Forest.

Committing to the Basic Conditions

Acceptance of the BCCs:  Use the form below to acknowledge that you have read the document and agree to the conditions.